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        Why cold weather is not suitable for other valves and the use of cryogenic valve

        Release date:2015-05-05    The number of clicks:

        Why cold weather is not suitable for other valves and the use of cryogenic valves?

        In the northern area of our country, is the cold weather in many areas, so the pipeline conveying in these areas are in need of a low temperature valve to control the medium in pipeline, why not apply other valves and the use of cryogenic valves? Following on from the small for you to explain why the use of cryogenic valves.

        Low temperature valve is generally used in low temperature area, it has excellent cold resistance, not because of the cold weather led to the opening and closing of the valve can not be normal. As a form of low temperature valve, the valve using a similar to some frozen warehouse corresponding pipeline or use to ethylene and liquefied natural gas plant.

        It is mainly applicable to the medium temperature at minus one hundred and ninety-six degrees Celsius to minus forty degrees Celsius environment, as a kind of valve device, it is to use liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, gas pipeline, because these gases are flammable and explosive substances, so it is necessary to open and close down control is also reduced the friction coefficient of the friction, because the heat generated in the media pipeline is always affected by.

        The temperature valve is very special, it is one of the special valves, and different temperature and different configuration. Low temperature valve for the temperature higher than -50 DEG C, generally do not use long structure, for when the temperature is lower than -50 DEG C, neck length T is determined according to the design and calculation of cryogenic ball valve is mainly used for output. The liquid medium such as ethylene, oxygen, hydrogen, liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum products, the media not only flammable, but also in heating when gasification, gasification, the volume expansion of hundreds of times. Low temperature valve working conditions, the working medium of most substances inflammable and explosive, strong permeability, the lowest working temperature is -269 degrees, the highest pressure up to 10MPa. Therefore, the design requirements and material requirements of low temperature valve is high, anti cold performance is extremely strong, good thermal insulation properties.