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        What happens in case of leakage of cryogenic valves

        Release date:2015-05-05    The number of clicks:

        What happens in case of leakage of cryogenic valves

        With the development of economy, industrial development is more and more developed, the use of low temperature valve is more and more widely, in use will likely leak problem, these problems must be taken seriously, not sloppy, these problems will lead to safety and the normal operation of the cryogenic equipment.

        The reason of low temperature valve leakage under normal circumstances is leakage and internal leakage.

        The 1 reason is the internal leakage, sealing at low temperature due to deformation. When the medium temperature is reduced to the material phase change leads to volume change, so that the high density of the cover of the distortion caused by bad cover, this is the main reason of inner leakage.

        2 leakage, is one of the main valve and pipe flange connections, because the connecting pad, connecting bolts, and connections between the materials at low temperatures have not synchronized contraction and relaxation lead to leakage, so we put the body in connection with the pipeline replaced by a flange welded structure, a low temperature to avoid leakage.

        As a form of low temperature valve, currently used to low temperature pipe for conveying gas, some essential oil, natural gas and other city supplies. Due to the low temperature valves, now mostly in the butterfly valve, because the valve as a regulator valve, its internal structure due to the eccentric structure, so that in the pipeline to the good effect of medium, and the internal friction to a minimum. And a valve material in the low temperature environment is important, the following introduces the influencing factor about the theme of the choice of materials need to be considered.